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About Us

GIVO is an acronym for ‘Garbage In, Value Out’. We are a circular economy company that offers an end to end recycling solution using IoT enabled devices within our activities.

GIVO leverages technology to collect recyclable material directly from individuals, families and businesses and to process these materials into consumer and industrial goods.

Furthermore, GIVO relies on a network of youth and women owned franchise businesses. This is done to create employment opportunities within the recycling industry ecosystem in Africa.

Our Mission

To make recycling convenient, rewarding and sustainable.

Our Vision

To establish a circular economy in Africa.

Our Processes

Recyclables Collection

We collect recycled materials from the members of the communities we are present in. Collection is done at customer convenience, providing incentives for participating in recycling activity.

Recyclables Processing

GIVO turns the recycled material collected into finished & semi finished goods through advanced manufacturing techniques within its Centers. This process is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Product Sales

GIVO sells the industrial and consumer goods manufactured in its facility via digital channels on web, app and social media. Each product passes stringent quality control checks before it is dispatched to end users.

Our Innovation 

  • Process digitization through use of IoT technology 
  • Value addition by manufacturing finished & semi finished products from recyclables collected. 
  • Community based advocacy, engagement & training. 
  • Youth & women led franchisee business model 
  • Geo-tagging of all activities for material traceability. 
  • Off grid renewable energy to power all our activities.

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