Automating waste collection and recycling

Includes product collection, weighing, identification & payment of depositors.

PTM Plastic Shredding Machine

Involves plastic sorting, weighing, shredding, compression and transportation to recycling plant along with aggregation of real-time data through-out the entire process.

About Us

GIVO is a social enterprises solution, created by the CAPTURE Solutions team to improve local waste collection by automating the collection activities within the B2B waste value chain.

This is done through enhancing and building employment opportunities within the recycling industry ecosystem in Africa and helping the environment in the process from the magnitude with waste globally.

As a team fully rooted in Africa,  GIVO recognizes the enormous entrepreneurial spirit in Africa and seeks to connect ideas to resources through business convergence within technology platforms for sustainable businesses

1. Sorting & Weighing

Collectors provide waste to agent who weigh it and sort it into different categories.

2. PTM Shredding

Recyclable waste is shredded by our PTM Machine and output is weighed and logged.

3. Compression & Packaging

Shredded waste is compressed and weighed before being packaged into bales.

4. Transport to Plant

Packaged waste is transported to recycling plant. Entire process is tracked and logged via our portal.

GIVO Plastic Teller Machine (PTM)

The GIVO Plastic Teller Machine (PTM) is an internet of things solution (IoT) which guaranteeing to minimum the baseline income per annum within the plastic waste of PTT and HPT for the recycling industry entrepreneurs by 70% with using a GIVO PTM, which well help generate a staggering 60% more than the national minimum wage in most countries across the continent, with the momentous impact with the following:
  • Data collected to be used in determining the provision of strategic services to community
  • Guaranteed high-quality raw materials for the local industries that survive on plastics. This improves country GDP and productivity
  • Improves productivity, efficiency and profitability for recycle businesses
  • Bin alert system ensures that pick up by collection centers ONLY happens when bin is full thus reducing travel and c02 impact
  • Solution to reduces the amount of waste in communities, thus improving the local environment and improving living standards
  • Bringing recycling closer to home
For so long, speed of communication was determined by distance, information was controlled by the media, education was reserved for those who had the resources (and time) to find it, and access to markets came down to access to funds. Due to lack of infrastructure, Africa was isolated. Over the past 20 years, thanks to technology, the global playing field has been leveled and Africa is considered to be the place with the greatest growth potential.
CS4 Africa is at forefront making tailor solutions designed in Africa by Africans for use in Africa — to accelerate small and medium enterprises business growth through leverage our experience to help transformation B2B solutions, driven by innovative and partnership comprising with a high bred mix of different business disciplines bring together the financial, communication, hardware and technology offering.

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